Leave it to Cleaver Sunday September 17 : Planet Music

In response to and in honor of last night’s Richmond Symphony Orchestra’s amazing presentation of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” , tonight’s show will feature songs that have planets listed somewhere in the title, the worlds..or even in your mind:). For the sake of nostalgia, Pluto may be included -(though ironically wasn’t in Holst’s because it hadn’t been discovered).




Listen to this rendition of Holst’s “Jupiter”. I felt like I heard parts of soundtracks from a lot of movies!

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Leave it to Cleaver Sunday September 10 : Anmol Lamichhane

“Anmol Lamichhane is a senior Physics and Mathematics major at Earlham. He is originally from Pokhara, a beautiful valley in the laps of Himalayas in western Nepal. He plays the guitar, drum-set and piano/keyboard and a couple other Nepali traditional instruments. He also produces electronic music and usually loves to fuse traditional acoustic music/sounds with electronic music. At Earlham loves to get together with friends and jam in a free form style. On music research side, he’s been involved in a project for developing a motion tracking system for live musical performance, using the Kinect system from Xbox to track gestures and transform them into musical forms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKuM3kx34fY (here’s Forrest performing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7abn2S4ODtY ).

Besides music, he is deeply interested in understanding the mysteries of the universe through the lens of theoretical physic and mathematics.”

Music recordings from  soundcloud:

Description (copied from soundcloud) :

” This experimental type song was composed, recorded and mixed on New Year’s eve, 2017. Recorded on a somewhat s*#@ty  microphone. lol ;)”
Description (copied from soundcloud): “A rock-electronica fusion music.
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Leave it to Cleaver Guest Sunday September 3: The Return of Sam Stone

Sam Stone 

I have known Sam Stone for many years and for what seems like several lifetimes for the both of us… He has been a constant presence in the Richmond, Indiana musical scene over the past few years..playing at Prophet Fest, Lyricist’s Corner and Songwriters Row (Joe, what the heck is the difference?)

I think he’s been on the radio show at least twice and I’m glad to have him back this Sunday…Here’s a bit of a bio and some info about where to find his music:

Sam Stone is an experimental acoustic singer/songwriter who incorporates folk, reggae, hip-hop, funk, and blues influences into his music to produce catchy hooks and rhythmic lyrics. He calls Richmond, IN (the Rose City) his home, and the city’s transient musical history deeply influences his artistic direction.

For music: samstonemusic.bandcamp.com (name-your-price download, even 1¢/song)

www.facebook.com/samstonemusic0 (preferred shared link)

Also @thesamstone on Instagram.

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