Living Simply and somehow I got a full page photo in a magazine

Somehow I got a full page photo in a magazine…..

Several years ago, I was interviewed about living simply and new ways of giving. I have always lived rather simply, never really needing a lot and recognizing that “stuff” didn’t make me happy. I left a well paying job to go back to school, and then when graduate school ended, I wandered, recognizing my old way of life didn’t fit, yet unable to land in a new one. I traveled from community to community, often wrestling with anxiety and uncertainty.

Quite honestly, at the time of the interview, I had just left a one year interim position at a college that had been incredibly stressful. While at the college my role required coordinating memorial services for members of the community that had died. In the first two months, I had one service each month for students that had died, either during the summer or after leaving college. Then, two students died during the first semester, and that grief that arose, ebb and flowed throughout the year, finally culminating with an amazingly touching baccalaureate which came during graduation.

I left that summer, took a yoga course, and somehow my soul knew it needed a break. I turned down a job that required me to be on duty. The PTSD that had been somewhat dormant, had been ignited by the past year and while I was able to  navigate through the year, I knew I needed to heal.

The next two years required me to navigate a path with limited resources. I landed living opportunities to house sit, and I lived incredibly simply, riding a bike and walking for transport and very rarely going out for food or entertainment. I still managed to arrange artist’s events. I made my living by teaching yoga in a city with few yoga opportunities.

I still managed to give back whether by coordinating artist events or learning to give away what I didn’t need. There is something soul sustaining in being able to still give when you don’t have much yourself.

The article was published this December in Live Happy Magazine and was titled Living on Less to Give More.  They even sent an amazing photographer, Andy Snow, up from Dayton to do a photo shoot, of me! Somehow Mayim got the cover!



“When I began to give it all away, however, I found that if I can live on less, I worry about less. I don’t have to worry about getting stuff, and I don’t have to worry about maintaining it. I also found that living on less gave me a sense of security,” he adds. “It’s like backpacking. You know you have everything you really need right on your back.

 “I found that I’d rather invest in people than in things I don’t really need,” Steve explains.

By the time the article emerged, I had recreated my life. I had taken a job at a Quaker school while still teaching yoga and deepening my practice. I still create artist opportunities and the experience without, both as a child and recently has reaffirmed what matters, and just where security comes from..not from stuff but from a connection to others and self.

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Leave it to Cleaver Sunday December 4th Welcomes Jakob Posti and Broad Street Elementary

This wa3721412970_2eek, Leave it to Cleaver is honored to welcome a fellow DJ, Jakob Posti, who hosts the show right before us, Chef’s Special on WECI. Last week he stayed after his show (with his fellow band members..I was going to call the band The Significant Others until I got Jakob’s bio:)) to watch the incomparable Eric Loy..well, we got to talking and the band seemed like just the people we want on the show!  Here’s a little more info (oh..and for Aaron..tune in at: Here’s where Aaron tunesin)


Jakob Posti is a multi-media artist currently studying at Earlham College. He is the host of 0006077997_100Chef’s Special; a weekly variety show on Weci, Sundays at 6pm. He produces electronic music and plays guitar and keyboard in a variety of projects. He is joined by Brady Kennedy, Ethan Pickett and Graham Pines to form Broad Street Elementary a music collective founded in Richmond, Indiana.

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Leave it to Cleaver Sunday November 27th Features the Return of the Incomparable Eric Loy

001d8522398331-56045ff3c0070THE RETURN OF ERIC LOY!

We love it when we get live music in the studio because it just livens up the show in magical ways..we love it even more when we get someone as amazingly talented and humble as Eric Loy. This guy is just plain awesome and we are really thankful to have him back this Sunday at 7PM.

Take a look at this video!

Here’s a little info:


                           Guitarist  / Composer / Teacher


Since the initial impetus to take up the guitar, which was witnessing The Beatles’ performance on The Ed Sullivan Show in Feb 1964, Eric Loy has continued to explore and coerce music of diverse parameters from rock to jazz to classical to new age.  The culmination has distilled into an eclectic blend which Loy delivers with humor and panache on solo finger-style guitar and on his custom-built 24 string Harp-Guitar.

On the stage, Eric Loy has opened shows for such guitar legends as Leo Kottke, Preston Reed, Adrian Legg, Jorma Kaukonen and others.

In the teaching field, Mr. Loy has been a full-time guitar pedagogue (teacher) for the last three decades.

Several CD albums of original compositions, both solo and with Hipperoos (jazz-rock fusion power trio), have been recorded and all are available from website and at live performances.


Contact Eric Loy

Phone  (937) 962-2454

E Mail

Postal   P.O. Box 693  Lewisburg, OH  45338




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