Yogi Madan Bali-Staying Young

I took a good number of classes and one week long workshop with Dr. Bali while I was at Omega Institute. I also experienced a sweat lodge with him. He is one of the best yoga teachers I have met because he truly lives into what he believes..always greeting each person with respect and a smile. His classes could be challenging ..a lot of core work, but he passed on a deeper sense and philosophy of more than asana..but in how to engage and connect with the world with integrity.

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Leave it to Cleaver Special Guest May 6th: Musician Bryce Taylor

 Bryce Ernest Taylor brings a fresh eclectic, insightful approach to songwriting and performance. His passion for music has grown from seeds planted as a child growing up with the rich, country/folk influences of Texas and Oklahoma. The diversity of his songwriting reflects his living life in the varied terrains of the shifting beaches of South Carolina, the soaring wild mountains of Colorado, and fertile, earthy influences of Indiana. From reflections on the day to day goings on of love and life to more broad urgings for personal growth and social justice, Bryce entertains and reminds us of what it means to live both the joys and the struggles of a life well-lived.

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Leave it to Cleaver Guests April 30th: Mary Anne and Warren

They come highly recommended so we are really excited to feature them on the show. Here’s a little info:

3 long time friends, who all love music, and have an amazing chemistry, formed the back bone of Quadrafunk. Took a bit, but we finally found the right 4rth, and we now are complete! We love to play all kinds of music and perform anywhere we get the oppritunity! We are about havin a good time with our family and friends nothing more, nothing less! Come check out a show and unwind with us.
Good Times and Good Music!!!

Here’s their Facebook page: Mary Anne and Warren

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