Meg Hutchinson

IMG_20160716_133039_954IMG_20160716_133732_868 Every now and then I will contribute something to a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign, sometimes to support someone who is up against a tough challenge or an artist who is trying to get a project completed.

Somehow Meg’s campaign came through my Facebook feed and after listening to her music, I gave a small amount to her campaign..enough I guess to get a signed copy of her new CD, How Many Miles…it’s an amazing CD.

Meg has an extraordinary voice and story. She is not only a talented musician (singer-songwriter) but is also, due to her own mental illness,  an advocate for mental heath literacy. A film was made about her life called Pack Up Your Sorrows. I highly recommend her music.

Check out her song:

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From Where I Stand



Recent events have caused me to repost this, because it seems right now, we live in a senseless and unaware world, in which lives (especially black lives in this country) are taken easily, in which we gloat over murdering world leaders, rape charges are minimized for the elite, in which 20 veterans a day committed suicide in 2014..and the list goes on..what we are seeing is the result of a world that is out of balance. In which fear outweighs compassion, money overrules human rights and in which the very planet we live on is treated as disposable.

I do not see change coming from the a matter of fact it never really starts there…we may want it to, but the infrastructure that supports our leaders is made up of fear and greed. It is built on a foundation of that…our history was written by those who dominated while many other voices were drowned out. Now as some of those voices seek to be heard, our reaction is often to turn the other way, if what is said is a direct condemnation of our lives…when indeed it offers the opportunity for redemption. The reaction is often to dim or extinguish the light or silence the voice, rather than welcome what it illuminates.

We are not post racism…post discrimination…post hate…because we are not post fear. The answer is not in one more Starbucks, the creation of a new reality show, or indeed, even the promises made to get elected. We cannot afford more wars, more walls, more weapons, more is that simple. The seeds of war bloom over generations…

I hear and read of the fears and isolation that people are feeling right now.. and on my worse days, I go there as well. It is a crowded space right now.

We need to create spaces of hope. To build places in which people can congregate to build compassion. Many of our churches have lost this vision, in search of worldly gains..or not all are welcome at the table. We need a new table that welcomes all.

“Alone, we are isolated, open to persecution, abuse, violence and our own pain. Together, we are a powerful force of people, who have, despite any reason to tell us otherwise, remained with some particle of hope, some seed of a compassionate world..together we are undeniably strong..and they know that.”

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Leave it to Cleaver July 3: Whats your favorite breakfast place?

As evidenced by my recent trip, food is important and I love a good breakfast. Was able to eat in two legendary breakfast places: Tommy’s in Columbus, Ohio and Fred’s in New Hope, Pa ..where even the dog howls Happy Birthday!…So call us at the station with your favorite breakfast spot!


I just returned from a whirlwind East Coast tour and lots of food. I took an excellent Pranayama class at Yoga on High. I got to see the rehab work that Patrick is doing in Franklinton, Ohio and eat at a Columbus breakfast legend, Tommy’s, a great greasy spoon of a place!


After Columbus, I turned up in Furlong, Pa. The Sjostedt’s treated me to a New Hope favorite, Fred’s. Seems you need a key to get in and to get a key you need to be a business owner in New Hope. One tradition at Fred’s is that when there is a birthday they (and the they included the dog!) sing to you!


Next stop was Bordentown, NJ where I saw the amazing community garden that Cindy and the Green Team helped to create.

Then on to NYC, 17$ hot dog, beer and fries (oh how I miss Indiana when the bill arrives). Back to the Village where I was able to stay overnight with a friend renting on McDougal Street…right near my favorite NYC cafe and around the corner from Porto Rico Coffee. Had a late dining experience with my friend Jonah and a quantum physicist from the Czech Republic.

McDougal Street Stop



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