The Healing Power of Cat Purrs

cats purrs healing powersx2

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The book that judges YOU with its cover: Novel jacket studies your face and will only open if your expression is neutral

Wow. This book will only open if the hopeful reader does not show any emotion, negative or positive. The prototype book, dubbed ‘The Cover that Judges You,’ is currently filled with creative work for the Art Directors Club Netherlands annual. Might not prove successful with textbooks however!  More info @Daily Mail




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Poetweet turns your tweets into poetry!

Poetweet takes your tweets and turns them into either a Sonnet (poem of 14 lines), a Rondel wasn’t this a singing group? (a poem of 2 stanzas of 4 verses or 5 verses) or an Indriso (a poem of 8 verses).

Here is the Rondel of my limited tweets. Someday, it will be the one great poem I am known and remembered for:)

5 minutes
by Steven Cleaver

Join me at ‘s Grand Opening:
Go for 50% of that request…
Reason that you are not listening?
Will be broadcasting at 11PM EST

A Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital
You listen to Leave it to Cleaver?
Meeting is going to be brutal…
Omg best album ever:

No honey at all, by definition
Tweet of actors gets the limelight.
With vision
Mtv movie award for best fight
Richmond Indiana gets in the Onion


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